• Two New SSHRC Grants Invest Over 2.5 million dollars in EPI Research Collaborations

    Memorial University, including EPI co-applicant Dr. Kelly Vodden, has partnered with Brandon University and more than 20 other organizations to work on the project Rural Policy Learning Commons: Building Rural Policy through International Comparative Analysis, a 7-year, $2.5 million SSHRC Partnership grant to support rural policy and it’s implementation. This project, housed at Brandon University’s Rural Development Institute, will bring an international view to policy discussions and research from other countries to inform rural policy across Canada, support new and established researchers, and contribute insights for new theory.

    A team of researchers including Kelly Vodden have also been awarded a SSHRC Connections grant – Pursuing Excellence in Collaborative Community-Campus Research (CCCR): A National Summit. With SSHRC’s support, scholars in collaborative community-campus research (CCCR) will come together November 3-4 in Waterloo to share knowledge, build consensus on indicators of excellence for CCCR, and discuss the development of new National Hubs of CCCR Excellence. The goal is develop new frameworks of community-campus research that can assist in addressing complex community problems across the country. Case studies to be profiled at the Summit include several EPI drinking water research projects.

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