Dr. Maura Hanrahan’s works accepted for Publication

EPI Faculty Presents in Washington, D.C.
July 8, 2015
Jannatul Islam – Internship with the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
July 15, 2015

Two articles by EPI Professor Maura Hanrahan have been accepted for publication.


Maura’s work with Atanu Sarkar and Amy Hudson has been accepted for publication in the Water Quality Journal of Canada. The article is titled: “Water Insecurity in Indigenous Canada: A Community-based Multi-disciplinary Approach.”.


Additionally, an article entitled, “Makayla’s Decision: The Exercise of Indigenous Rights and the Primacy of Allopathic Medicine in Canada”, was accepted into the Canadian Journal of Native Studies. Maura Hanrahan completed this work in conjunction with Bernard Wills who is also a faculty member at Memorial University. Dr. Wills is in the Humanities Program here at Grenfell.