A triple hit of publications for community-based research and sustainability in February

Environmental Policy 6001 students attend Grenfell Campus first class at new Centre for Research and Innovation
February 28, 2023

Are you interested in municipal entrepreneurialism, or place-based generosity? How about ecosystems services towards sustainability? Check out these newest research publications for the month of February by authors working on great projects associated to the Environmental Policy Institute:

  • Municipal entrepreneurialism: Can it help to mobilize resource-dependent small communities away from path dependency? (link to article)
  • Place-based generosity during the pandemic: Innovative rural philanthropic organizations’ responses to COVID-19 and (re-)building resilient rural communities in Canada (link to article)
  • Trade-offs and synergies in ecosystem services for sustainability (link to article)

These publications headline some great projects going on for rural studies such as ‘Place-based endowments in the periphery’ and ‘Entrepreneurial local governments’ as well as ecosystem studies. See more information at the Rural Resilience projects website located here.