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Weekly Lab Hours:

EPILab holds regular weekly lab hours. These are opportunities for the lab coordinator, research assistants, and other interested faculty and students to meet and discuss potential projects as well as general content related to EPILab’s mandate (e.g. policy innovation, workshop facilitation). More importantly, these are open to potential partners who may want to propose a potential project, discuss an ongoing project, or simply learn what EPILab is all about.

For the 2022 winter term, lab meeting hours are 1:30pm to 2:30pm every Wednesday (in-person and virtual options).

Drop-in attendance would normally be very welcome, but due to the current virtual format, we ask partners to let us know if they are interested in visiting the virtual meeting as a guest. Please note that the weekly hours may shift temporarily to another day of the week on rare occasions, which is another good reason to communicate your interest in attending beforehand!

Contact Information:

Current Coordinator – Dr. Garrett Richards
(709) 639-6534

General Email Address –