Funding, Tuition & Housing


Funding packages for graduate students in the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy program have been approximately $12,000 – $15,000 in value. For more information on financial support, refer to Graduate Funding.


Graduate tuition at Memorial University of Newfoundland is among the lowest in Canada. For more information on graduate program fees and the relatively low cost of living, refer to Graduate Tuition and Cost of Living.



Student Housing offers accommodations to approximately 600 students in two types of residences; two traditional residence buildings and chalet apartments.  In our standard residences, students have their own bedroom, and share a refrigerator and bathroom with one other person. Students cook on the floor’s communal kitchen and socialize in the TV lounge.

If you are looking for a little more independence, you may choose one of our eight chalet apartments which sit on two sites, flanking the campus. Students who choose this option will have own bedroom, but will share a living room, kitchen and one and a half bath with three roommates.

For many upper-year undergraduates, or graduate students, the chalet apartments are an appropriate living option. Chalet 6, in particular, is considered a graduate chalet, in that it is a quiet building and also contains our four family chalets.

It is important to know that applying to live on campus is separate from the general university and/or graduate application process. To apply to live in Student Housing, please visit Student Housing’s webpage at  and click on the application link. Students beyond their first year of study (including graduate students) must apply online and pay the online $20 housing application fee by March 31. Applications received after this deadline will be processed as time permits. Once the housing application is received, an automated email will be sent to the prospective student confirming receipt of the application and fee.

Notification of returning/transfer/graduate students’   housing application status is emailed in late April/early May. If you are accepted into Student Housing, and choose to accept this offer, a deposit/confirmation fee of $500 must be paid within a three week period of receiving your acceptance email. This deposit will be credited toward your Student Housing fees when you arrive in September. Failure to cancel an Offer of Accommodations before the indicated deadline on your acceptance email will result in the forfeiture of the deposit/confirmation fee.  Please note that it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted into Student Housing once you have applied. An acceptance to Student Housing is based on number of factors including availability, date of application, and fee payment.

Room assignments are emailed out in late July informing students about their room/chalet apt numbers, and their roommates. Further assignments are made based on cancellations.

For more information on Student Housing, please contact the Student Housing by email at or by phone at 709 637-6266.