EPI Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty

Core Faculty are faculty members with appointments to the Environmental Policy Institute.

Dr. Paul Foley

Associate Professor and Graduate Officer
  • Critical ocean and coastal studies
  • Political ecology and political economy
  • Fisheries management and coastal communities
  • Ocean governance
  • Climate change
  • Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity

Dr. Andreas Klinke

Professor and Director
  • Governance research
  • Public policy analysis
  • International environmental politics
  • International relations and global governance

Dr. Garrett Richards

Assistant Professor and Internship Officer
  • Climate change and renewable energy
  • Science-policy interfaces and evidence-based policy
  • Community-engaged research
  • Knowledge mobilization
  • Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity
  • Deliberative democracy

Dr. Kelly Vodden

 Professor (Research)
  • Sustainable rural community and regional development
  • Rural resilience and community adaptation
  • Community involvement in natural resource management
  • Collaborative, multi-level governance
  • Rural innovation
  • Community engaged scholarship

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty are faculty members who are not appointed to EPI but who maintain an ongoing relationship with EPI through directly supporting EPI research initiatives, teaching in the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy (MEAP) Program, serving on MAEP student supervisory committees, or other relevant activities. Some may be available to serve as co-supervisors.

Dr. Camille Ouellet Dallaire

Assistant Professor, Environment & Sustainability and Environmental Science

Research interests

  • Ecosystem Services
  • Impact Assessment
  • Cumulative Impacts
  • Sustainable natural resources management
  • Watershed management
  • Interdisciplinary Integration
  • Large-scale modelling of riverscapes
  • Geospatial and multi-variate analyses for sustainability

Dr. Stephen Decker

Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies and Geography, Internship MAEP Program
  • Integrated Resource and Environmental Management (IREM)
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Public involvement in resource management decisions
  • Parks and protected areas planning and management
  • Human dimensions of wildlife management

Dr. Gabriela Sabau

Honorary Research Professor
  • Sustainability science: concept and measurement
  • The future of the ocean
  • The Anthropocene and climate change: ecological economics and the objective value of life
  • Relevance of the FAO voluntary guidelines for sustainable development of small-scale fisheries
  • The promise of agroecology: small-scale organic agriculture for Newfoundland and Labrador

Dr. Roza Tchoukaleyska

Assistant Professor in Environment and Sustainability & Geography
  • Cultural geography
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Community planning
  • Public space
  • Foodways and foodscapes
  • Community engagement
  • Urban governance
  • Rural-urban connections
  • Ethnographic research
  • Urban comparative research


Dr. Rachel Webb Jekanowski

Assistant Professor, English, School of Arts and Social Science

  • Media and Environment
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Energy Studies/Energy Cultures
  • Infrastructure Studies
  • Cultural Geography
  • Arts-Based Approaches to Environmental/Climate Communication
  • Low-Carbon Research Methods
  • Community Engagement
  • Environmental Justice and Decolonization


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Adjunct Faculty

  • Environmental Assessment / Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Aboriginal Consultation and Involvement in Resource Developments
  • Regulatory Planning and Environmental Permitting

Dr. Heather Hall

  • Water security: its multiple dimensions, including health impacts; crises in drinking water access; water insecurity and Indigenous communities in Canada
  • Foodways and nutrition history: Newfoundland food consumption patterns, historical nutrition interventions in NL, Indigenous people, food consumption, and the epidemiologic transition
  • Indigenous land-use patterns and related: Newfoundland Mi’kmaq, other First Nations in Canada, Inuit, the Labrador Husky and its role
  • Arctic exploration: the heroic masculine, the meaning of the Arctic in the western imagination, Captain Robert Abram Bartlett, the Shackletons, women and Indigenous people and Arctic exploration
  • Fisheries Management and Ecology
  • Ecosystem Based Approaches to Natural Resource Management
  • Integrative Research at the Science Policy Interface

Dr. Mery Perez

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Office of Public Engagement, MUN Grenfell Campus


Research Interests

  • Communication in activism and social movements
  • Creativity and Discourse creation
  • Rural resilience and community development
  • The interface of social learning and policy implementation

Dr. Amy Hudson

Governance and Strategic Planning Lead with NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC)
Co-lead negotiator for NCC on the Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination (RIRSD) table
  • ahudson@mun.ca


  • Inuit history
  • Policy
  • Indigenous feminism

Research interests

  • Foresighting
  • Full-Spectrum Sustainability
  • Marine Citizen Science
  • Social Licence
  • Ocean literacy

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial University of Newfoundland

PhD in the Division of Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Brian Coleman
Administrative Staff Specialist
  • FC2017A
  • (709) 639-2591
  • brianc@grenfell.mun.ca