Dr. Klinke has a new publication on public policy and risk strategies

Dr. Klinke has a New SSHRC Project on Global Ocean Governance
April 28, 2020
Dr. Klinke has published a new article on the public understanding of risk
May 19, 2020

Dr. Andreas Klinke has published a new article entitled “Towards a commonly shared public policy perspective for analysing risk coping strategies” (co-authored with Y. Li, A. Taeihagh and M. de Jong) in the journal Risk Analysis, which is the worldwide leading journal on interdisciplinary risk sciences.
The article elucidates and discusses shared understandings and conceptual frameworks of problem-solving approaches in public policy applied by governments in coping with risks. The authors examine the concept of risk in-depth by exploring various definitions and types of risk and then review different approaches proposed by different strands of research for addressing risk. They assess current knowledge and develop an amalgamated perspective for examining how risks can be addressed by classifying them into six general types of response (no response; prevention; control; precaution; toleration; and adaptation) as well as indicators to identify these responses. They argue that these strategies can function as a heuristic tool for decision-makers in designing appropriate policies to cope with risks in decision-making processes.