Dr. Gabriela Sabau

Gabriela Sabau

Professor, Environment & Sustainability



Office: AS 387

Email: gsabau@grenfell.mun.ca

Phone: 709-639-2552


  • BA, Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
  • PhD, Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

Research Interests

  • Sustainability science: concept and measurement
  • The future of the ocean
  • The Anthropocene and climate change: ecological economics and the objective value of life
  • Relevance of the FAO voluntary guidelines for sustainable development of small-scale fisheries.
  • The promise of agroecology: small-scale organic agriculture for Newfoundland and Labrador


  • 2017-2021 – Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) Research Project, Module: Informing Governance Responses in a Changing Ocean. Funded by Canada First Research Excellence Funds (CFREF). Co-investigator (1 of 15) for CAD $3.27M ($2.1M grant; $1.1M leveraged contributions). PI: R. Chuengpagdee and B. Neis, MUN, St. John’s Campus
  • 2012-2018 – Too Big to Ignore: Global Partnership for the Future of Small-scale Fisheries. Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership grant. Co-applicant (1 of 48) for CAD $4.83M ($2.5M grant; $2.33M contributions) project (2012-2018). PI: R Chuengpagdee, MUN, St. John’s Campus
  • 2018 – Analysis of a Model for Shipping Grains from Summerside (PEI) to Corner Brook (NL). Mitacs (Accelerate) CAD $17,500
  • 2015 – The Future of Nature. SSHRC Connect Grant for the Future of Nature International Conference, Grenfell Campus, September 10-13, 2015. Co-applicant with Sean McGrath (Philosophy, MUN, St. John’s Campus) for CAD $50,000 (granted CAD $ 50,000). Co-applicant for the Cross-Campus Initiative fund. Granted: CAD $1,250.
  • 2014 – The Degree of Preparedness by Newfoundland Fisheries for the CETA Agreement. Grenfell Vice-President Grant: CAD $1,500.


Examples of Recent Courses Taught:

  • ECON 1010: Intro to Microeconomics
  • ECON 1020: Intro to Macroeconomics
  • ECON 3010:  Intermediate Macro Theory I
  • ECON 3080: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
  • ECON 3085:  Issues in Ecological Economics
  • EVST 4950: Environmental Studies Independent Research Project
  • ENVP 6522: Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment (co-taught with Dr. John Dagevos)
  • CMM05: Economics and Policies of Coastal and Marine Environments (University Center of the Westfjords, Iceland)

Supervised Students

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Environmental Policy


  • Dongjun Lee (co-supervised)
  • Natasha Pennell
  • Naznin Sultana
  • Sean Dolter
  • Tasrick Araf


  • F.I.M. Muktadir Boksh
  • Ayoola Samuel Odeyemi
  • Redwan Ahmed
  • Conor A. Edwards (co-supervised)
  • Nick Mercer (co-supervised)
  • Obafemi Okusipe
  • Emmanuel Tamufor
  • Shem Evans
  • Temitope Onifade (co-supervised)
  • Michelle Gosse (co-supervised)
  • Tanay Bhushon Sarkar (co-supervised)
  • Mohammad Selim Reza


University Center of the Westfjords, Iceland: Master in Coastal Management


  • Lucian Renita
  • Mette Kjellerup Schiønning
  • Aris Thomasberger
  • Florian Giesler

Selected Publications


Knowledge Society – A Romanian Perspective, Bucuresti, Editura Econmoica (2001)

Chapters in Books

  • Sabau, G., 2018. “Ecological Economics” chapter in book: The Future of Ocean Governance and Training, Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management, Ed. Coffen-Smout, S., Brill Publishers, Boston.
  • Sabau, G., 2017. “Costa Rica: A Champion of the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines” chapter in book: The Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Global Implementation, Eds. Jentoft, S., Chuenpagdee, R., Barragan-Paladines, M.J., Franz, N., Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG, pp. 355-378.
  • Chuenpagdee, R., Olson, K., Bishop, D., Brauer, M., Kerezl, V., Plaan, J., Potter, S., Rogers, V., Sabau, G., 2017. “The Step Zero for Implementing the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada” chapter in book: The Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Global Implementation, Eds. Jentoft, S., Chuenpagdee, R., Barragan-Paladines, M.J., Franz, N., Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG, pp. 495-517.
  • Sabau, G., 2014. “Environmental Studies Now”, chapter in volume Environmental Science for the Curious, Why Study Environmental Science? Ed. Kishor Vaidya, Canberra: The Curious Academic Publishing, Kindle Edition.
  • Sabau, G., 2011. “Whose fish is it anyway? Iceland’s cod fishery rights”, chapter in the book World Small-Scale Fisheries. Contemporary Visions. Ed. Ratana Chuenpagdee, Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers, pp. 173-184.
  • Sabau, G., 2006. “Moral Knowledge, the Forgotten Dimension of Sustainability”, chapter in ebook Environments, Sustainability and Technologies, Oxford, UK: Inter-disciplinary Press, Oxford.

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • G. Sabau, 2020. The Political Economy of Sustainability, in Sustainability 12(4):1537. https://doi.org/10.3390/su12041537
  • Redwan, A., Sabau, G., Haghiri, M., 2019. “The long run relationship between economic growth and environmental quality” in Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology 32(3): 1-10, 2019; Article no.AJAEES.48454 ISSN: 2320-7027
  • Foley, P., Carruthers, E., Neis B., Sabau, G., Fiander, W., 2017. “Fisheries and Aquaculture in a Post-Oil Dependent Newfoundland and Labrador”, Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report.
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  • Sabau, G., van Zyll de Jong, M., 2015. “From Unjust Uneconomic Growth to Sustainable Fisheries in NL: The True Cost of Closing the Inshore Fishery of Groundfish”, Marine Policy, Volume 61, pp. 376-389.
  • Suciu, M-C., Sabau, G., Constantin, F., 2014. “Agro-ecology, organic agriculture and food sovereignty”, Cafee_ase.ro_file 2014 (44), pp.1-12.
  • Sabau, G., 2010. “Know, Live, and Let Live: Towards a Redefinition of the Knowledge-Based Economy – Sustainable Development Nexus”, Ecological Economics, Issue 69, pp. 1193-1201.
  • Sabau, G., Haghiri, M., 2008. “Household Willingness-to-Engage in Water Quality Projects in Western Newfoundland and Labrador: A Demand-Side Management Approach”, Water and Environment Journal” Issue 22, pp. 168-176.