Liam Miller

Gabriela Sabau
November 10, 2013
Andreas Klinke
December 1, 2013

I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed my Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie University in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Economics. I have worked in commercial forestry in Nova Scotia as well as conservation forestry in South Australia. My research interests are forestry and climate change, including community forestry and climate change adaptation. I decided to continue my studies at Memorial University, Grenfell campus as it is a unique program in Canada and it offers one the chance to develop practical skills in the field of environmental policy. This is achieved in the classroom, through guided research and during the internship requirement for the program. The Environmental Policy Institute is small and, as such, has remained flexible and responded effectively to needs as a student.  I completed my internship with the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) in Ottawa.  I now work for the CFS as a policy analyst and focus on climate change adaptation in the forest sector.