Nick Mercer

Nafis Karim
June 17, 2015
William Dennis
June 24, 2015

Nick Mercer is originally a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nick moved to Western Newfoundland in 2010 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Nick decided to remain at Grenfell Campus to study within the Environmental Policy Institute.

Nick is a student in the two-year thesis stream of the MAEP Program. Nick’s thesis project is entitled “Barriers to Renewable Energy Development in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Case Study of Wind Energy Applying the AKTESP Framework for Analysis”, Nick is conducting research under the supervision of Dr. Gabriela Sabau and Dr. Andreas Klinke.

Nick completed his internship with an environmental non-governmental organization in St. John’s. Working as a Policy and Program Development Intern, with the Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador, Nick was responsible for developing policies governing community engagement, sustainable transportation, and youth training.

When not in the classroom, Nick can be found on the hockey rink or the baseball diamond. Nick enjoys following current affairs, and hopes to pursue a career in public policy and research.