Sanja Schuelke

Carolyn Fox
June 18, 2013

Sanja is from Bretten, Germany and is a graduate student in Environmental Policy at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook. She graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology and Methodology of Social Sciences). Sanja is conducting research on international water governance, energy governance/ policy, and the relationship between the economy and the environment. Her primary research focus is on public environmental expenditure in times of economic downturn with a focus on the European Union. She is registered in the two-year thesis route.

When asked why she, as an international student, picked the program, Sanja answered, “After having done an environmental related internship in Ireland and having graduated from the University of Stuttgart, I wanted to focus on Political Science in relation to the environment and study in an English-speaking country outside of Europe. Therefore, the Environmental Policy program at Grenfell was a perfect fit. Additionally, the experiences of being an international student in a foreign country, as well as meeting and getting to know other international students are very valuable and I believe that this experience and the master’s program have provided me with a theoretical and practical foundation which will enable me to pursue my desired career path.”