Yingzhong Diao

Abayomi Ogayemi
January 13, 2015
Dylan Odd
April 16, 2015

I am Yingzhong Diao from Guangzhou, China.  My interest in Environmental Policy dates back to my youth. I realized that how the environmental policy has serious impact on our living place when I was in high school. During undergraduate study, I specialized in administrative management which relates to the areas of public administration, political science, and public policy.Even though I have chosen administrative management as my field of specialization, I still keep my mind to the areas of environmental study or geography. My interdisciplinary experience helps me to get the opportunity of studying at Grenfell Campus.

I am mostly interested in the filed of climate change caused by human activities, which is now threaten numerous species’ living environment.  And my thesis topic is related to the project conducted by my supervisor Dr. Mike van Zyll de jong about Climate change adaptation and sustainable forest management in Newfoundland and Labrador.