Mohammad (Mo) Chehreh Ghani

Oluwaseyi Awosiyan
November 10, 2021
Pratyusha Akunuri
March 29, 2022

Mohammad (Mo) Chehreh Ghani is a current graduate student and graduate research assistant at the Environmental Policy Institute of Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. He is a young researcher in the field of environmental law and policy. He has always been passionate about solving complex social-environmental issues by integrating diverse areas of studies, legal analysis of themes, and policy evaluation. Mo has an intense passion for environmental-related governmental and intergovernmental policy-making processes.

Mo completed his Bachelor’s studies in Forestry in his home country, Iran. He then did his Master’s degree (MSc) in forestry and environmental law in Turkey and lived there for seven years. During his graduate studies at Istanbul University, he focused on sustainable forest management policy and its legal aspects. He advanced his skills in reading and analyzing environmental laws and court cases in Turkey and the intergovernmental level.

Mo is a frequent traveller! He joined United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP23 and SB48) in Bonn, Germany, to represent International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA). Later, he got the opportunity to attend the European Forestry Institute 2019 annual conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Mo is also creative! He recently won the runner-up prize in the Dr. Jose Lam Start-Up Event (2021) in Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. In between his studies, you may catch him out for a hike, swimming, or you might find him socializing at the university events!

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