Oluwaseyi Awosiyan

Laura Stern
November 10, 2021
Mohammad (Mo) Chehreh Ghani
December 14, 2021

Oluwaseyi Awosiyan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from Osun State University, Nigeria, and a certificate for a short course on “Leading Change through Policy Making,” co-organized by the British Council and the University of Cambridge, United Kindgom. She is currently an MAEP student at Memorial University, focusing on the role of social enterprise in environmental sustainability. Besides her academic qualification, Oluwaseyi has apprenticed as a tie-dye designer. Combining her academic and apprenticeship experiences, she has developed strong sustainability skills. She has worked as a sustainable skills trainer for Nigerian and international organizations, including Osun State University, National Youth Service Corps and Community Sustainability Global. Also, she worked as an assistant with the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria. Going forward, she is interested in learning more about global sustainability and applying her skills to enhance it. Career-wise, she hopes to become a sustainable enterprise consultant.