Rashida Mohammed Uthman

Garrett Richards
August 13, 2018
Dipika Majumder
August 14, 2018

Rashidatu Mohammed Uthman is from Ghana, West Africa. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography & Resource Development with Information Studies from the University of Ghana, and a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Policy from Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. She has acquired some work experience in the areas of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and Community Development. Her research and career interests are mainly in Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility; Environmental Impact Assessment; Sustainable Community Development; Natural Resource Management; and Public Policy. Rashida is very passionate about the sustainable development of communities especially those endowed with mineral resources. Her master’s thesis focused on the Sustainable Development of Mining Communities in Newfoundland. Rashida looks forward to a fulfilling career that will enable her to make remarkable contributions to the sustainable development of peripheral communities in her home country of Ghana.