Worldwide Holistic Sustainable Development Cooperation

EPI research assistants celebrate World Water Day
March 20, 2015

A group of Masters Students from the Environmental Policy Institute are striving to promote holistic sustainable development through international academic cooperation. The World Wide Holistic Sustainable Development Cooperation (WWHSDC) is a not-for-profit organization that is gaining traction on Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus.

Pioneered by Jannatul Islam – a first year graduate student in the MAEP program – the WWHSDC is defined by the motto ‘Live simply, live lively’. It is a growing organization of academics dedicated to increasing access to high quality peer reviewed literature on sustainable development.  The WWHSDC is truly an international undertaking with executive members from Canada, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Jamaica. To date, emphasis has been placed largely on the organization’s two registered academic journals: The Journal for Worldwide Holistic Sustainable Development; and The International Journal for Innovations in Science, Business, and Technology.

In addition to peer reviewed information the WWHSDC is expanding into the blogosphere with monthly contributions beginning in April 2015. For those interested in becoming involved with the WWHSDC blog submissions are currently being accepted for review.  In the interest of quality and uniformity blog submissions shall be citied in a recognized format, concentrate on a goal or objective of the WWHSDC, and contain no more than one thousand words. Please forward submissions to

Moving forward, Jannatul says that he and his executives are serious about branching out into public engagement and education. He believes, “getting people to really see where holistic sustainable development can fit into their lives or policies is the first step to achieving a more sustainable world”. Symposiums and conferences are a key component of the WWHSDC’s mandate. Unfortunately, unrest prevented the flagship session in Dhaka, Bangladesh this spring. Nonetheless, the initiative is pushing forward with plans for conference presentations in Canada and Bangladesh throughout 2015.

More information on the WWHSDC can be found at or feel free to contact Jannatul directly at